Nilima Raichoudhury Profile Photo

Nilima Raichoudhury grew up in the South Wales Valleys. It was in Abergavenny Young People’s Theatre she discovered her love of theatre as a powerful educational storytelling medium. It led her to London, to study Community Theatre Arts at The Rose Bruford College of Speech and Drama.

Graduating as the 1st student in her year to get a full equity card, she spent the next 10 successful years touring, collaborating with schools, comprehensives, colleges, theatres, community centres all over the UK (including Nottingham Glasgow London York) with educational theatre projects, providing a range of curriculum and community needs.

Projects included working migrant children, various ethnic groups, young people’s needs writing, performing on disability, gang cultures, teenage issues and mental health.

Scriptwriting, performing, directing, with follow-up workshops became her speciality.

In a dramatic career change after a life-threatening illness, she became a taoist practitioner, an adept in Taoist healing arts and a taoist scholar, achieving a full and complete recovery.

Nilima runs a Taoist school named Lotus Tree in West London and is currently writing a book with her acolyte Tarik Onac on making Taoist Practices, particularly health practices, relevant and accessible to the 21st century.

Her aim in the Creative writing workshop is to encourage ‘mini gems’ of insight that can be put together as a script, micro poetry or stand alone micro-writing.